What we do

CaSensitive is a small consulting and software development company, based in Winterthur, Switzerland. We are very interested in working with local companies and organisations to develop custom software solutions, but are also open to working with companies further abroad.

Our real strength lies in the design and implementation of high quality custom software. We also have the know-how to enhance existing software, whether it be for minor enhancements or major refactoring to increase modularisation and extend its lifespan.

With a depth of experience covering programming languages such as C++, Java, C#, and Python on platforms including Linux, Windows and Android, as well as a sound base for web development, CaSensitive is able to work on solutions for an extremely broad spectrum of businesses, both large and small.

how we do it

Developing quality software has various challenges, but it is extremely important to look beyond just the immediate goals, so as to reduce future maintenance and operational costs, which can otherwise considerably exceed the original development costs.

Correct layering of responsibilities and abstraction of solid infrastructure is critical for larger projects, so as to achieve high reliability, encapsulate complexity, increase re-use and consistency, yet retain flexibility.

We are also careful about managing third-party software dependencies, whether they be proprietary or open-source, so as to try to avoid being tied into a solution and retain the flexibility of changing technology choices in the future.

At CaSensitive you will dealing with someone with more than 20 years of experience developing custom software, who will give their best to build the right solution for your business.

Founder: Phil Logan

Phil founded CaSensitive with the hope of being able to work with smaller, more local companies. He has over 20 years' experience building custom software solutions, working with international companies in various domains, including telecommunications, finance, insurance and systems management.

Software development is a passion for Phil, as he enjoys the challenge of designing effective and efficient solutions, as well as the reward of getting it all to come together in a robust implementation. C++ still remains his personally favourite language, despite its complexity, but has many years' experience developing systems in Java and enjoys working with languages such as C# and Python. His interest in web technologies led him to develop his own web server and application engine. In fact, the server from which you have loaded this page was written by him and deployed as a Docker image.

You are welcome to browse his profile on LinkedIn or even download his comple CV.

Phil Logan,
CaSensitive GmbH,
Wartstrasse 54,
8400 Winterthur

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